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The confirmation of this reservation is subject to the availalility of rooms at the hotel. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation.

Conditions of reservation:
Your room rental is valid from noon on the next day. Your reservation will be guaranteed until 7:00 pm, unless you have chosen the Guaranteed Reservation (see below). If you know you will be late, please inform your hotel staff directly. If you have not arrived by 7:00 pm and you do not have a guaranteed reservation, your room may be re-sold.

Guaranteed reservation:
With the Guaranteed reservation, you can ensure that your room will be available whenever you arrive (until noon of the next day).To take advantage of this guarantee, all you need to do is to pay in advance for your first night, either by: sending a cheque to the hotel, or, giving the hotel manager your credit card number and your permission to debit the account for the due amount.

Any Guaranteed reservation may be cancelled simply by phoning the hotel before 7:00 pm the day of arrival ,after 7:00 pm the first night will be charged for any room that has not been cancelled.

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